Ticket Office Closure Petition

Posted by cdsmanager, March 12th 2017 | 15 comments

Six railway ticket offices in the Tendring District are planned for closure.

These stations are Harwich International, Dovercourt, Walton-on-the-Naze, Thorpe-le-Soken, Alresford and Great Bentley.

Action Requested From Tendring Rail Users

Please sign and get others to sign our petition against these closures either online from this website https://www.ontrackrailusers.org.uk/ticket-office-closure-petition-2017/ or print out the multi-signature petition form (PDF: 678 kB).

Thank you.

15 comments on “Ticket Office Closure Petition

  1. Fiona Powell says:

    We need our ticket offices left open. The staff are invaluable for information and support to the traveller. Ticket machines are often broken and not fit for purpose.

  2. Cheryl Rodger says:

    No please not harwich internation, I travel by train alot and rely on the amaxing staff there forr help.

  3. lorna mayer says:

    Stupid crazy idea, where are you meant to get advise from, its so much easier to talk to a person,

  4. suzanne says:

    Its an International Port, we need the Rail office!!!.

  5. Barbara harmston says:

    Closing the ticket offe at harwich international is crazy ,I work there every day and can see just how we need it there many foreign visitors ,disabled people and passengers in general would be lost without our ticket office,the staff are excellent and helpful and get the best fares for you please don’t r ticket office down

  6. Kerry says:

    Ticket machine at dovercourt station is smashed and unable to get my tickets. Useless service, keep the kiosks open!!!

  7. Cathy Simpson says:

    Keep HIP ticket station open. They offer a great service to locals and our visitors from the cruise ships and ferries.

  8. Dyan Taylor says:

    A valuable asset to anyone needing tickets or advice! A must stay booking office…

  9. Juliet Willis says:

    Seriously? You want to close Harwich International? No thought there obviously for any passengers who travel through the Port and may need assistance! Absolute madness!

  10. Ronald Daelman says:

    This is ridiculous. An International Ferry and Cruise port without the presence of a ticket office/staff .
    We have amongst the poorest equipped railway infrastructure and rolling stock in the EU. Reliability is absolutely pants . Railway fares on the other hand are amongst the most expensive in Europe, and the operators can’t afford to keep offices open?
    This is the one and only thing I would agree with Corbyn on , RE-NATIONALISE the whole lot. The service itself may not improve but it will keep people employed and give the punters somewhere to go for advice instead of more money disappearing into private pockets.

  11. Paul Wheeler says:

    Closing the ticket office at Harwich International Port is one of the craziest most short sighted blinkered things I’ve ever heard in my life. Can you imagine them closing Holyhead or Dover? Perhaps Abellio should close the ticket office at the Hook of Holland? No. It’s much easier in the UK. Isn’t privatisation just great!

  12. Libbie miller says:

    This is ridiculous!!!!! No harwich, Dovercourt or Harwich international! the machine never works, times I have been told I am going to get fined when I have tried to ask for a ticket finally at my destination and argued it as I couldn’t get a bloody ticket!! I have to get monthly/quarterly tickets now FROM AN OFFICE.. This is madness!

    1. Terence Boothroyd says:

      If the machine doesn’t work, the ticket office isn’t open, and there’s nobody on the train to buy tickets from then you have a valid excuse, did you explain that to them? Politely, of course.

  13. Paul Hull says:

    Madness, Madness, Madness!! Do they want people to Travel by Train!
    Thorpe is a Junction Station. The next will be Manningtree!!
    People need to speak to Station Staff if they have a Query

  14. Terence Boothroyd says:

    These proposals are worrying, not least from a safety point of view, and are against the general trend of stations becoming better.

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